Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Venuszine: As seen in

I made my first appearance in a real life publication! My rubber stamps are featured in the new issue of VenusZine as a source for DYI businesses. WAHOO!

It was so fun to get my comp issue and flip through it until, lo and behold there were my stamps. I hope this means more exposure for my growing business. These are very exciting times.

Are you wondering what ZenusZine is? It is a indie culture magazine featuring women, music, art, film, fashion, and me! Okay, maybe not me, but this issue does feature a little of me!


Tamara said...

OMG!! That's great! Congrats!

Kelly C. said...

totally cool.

Shannon said...

Congratulations! Very exciting.

PolkaDotsAndPaisley said...

Congratulations! That must feel amazing!!