Thursday, March 6, 2008

etsy shopping = fun finds

I am always on etsy. Always. The reason of course is because of my store there, but while I am relisting items, answering people's questions, sending proofs, I am also browsing my customer's stores and checking out who they have marked as a favorite. This is bad for someone who likes to shop. Here are three things I bought yesterday:

These fabulous blue felt eggs for my son's Easter basket from Go Buggy
I have been wanting a carton of eggs from her for months now and when I saw she added these sweet blue eggs I knew I had to get them.

Aren't these vintage letterpress F's super cool? I am going to display them in my office/shipping room. Check out Angiepea's shop for lots more. I really like this Frida one.

I bought this print to hang in my office from a lovely gal in New Zealand. Check out Bernadette's store sugarloop for other cool prints.

There were a few more things I bought, but I can't show you because they are gifts for people who just might read this blog! Also, in case you can't tell, my new year's resolution didn't last for very long.

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