Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For Christmas last year my sister and I got our mom a recipe box for all her stray pieces of paper here and there with our family favorites recipes. We got this one from Container Store.

While we were visiting for Christmas we gathered up all of her recipes and wrote them out on fun cards. Then we put them in a protective sleeve. This is key because you know how those cards get all kinds of stuff on them.

I loved this recipe box and idea so much I went out and bought myself one. Slowly, ever so slowly, I am gathering and writing all my recipes down in one place. The only problem is that I didn't want to use the generic cards BLAH cards and the ones we used for my moms, well I can't find them any more.

So today, I came across this great idea from Jackie Hernandez at Crafting a Green World. You can print recipe cards onto used brown paper bags. They look great and you might just helping the earth out too. Click here for a tutorial and a free PDF file to download. LOVE IT!

photo courtesy of Crafting a Green World

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