Thursday, April 23, 2009

Would You Rather Thursday

These questions were taken from the official Would You Rather board game. I hope you guys will play along and tell me which would you rather:
  • As a woman, wear high heels on a camping trip or have to wear Birkenstocks to the Oscar's (in plain view, of course)?
  • Have the bad habit for the rest of your life of licking your fingers excessively when you eat or have the bad habit for the rest of your life of frequently scratching your behind?
  • As a spouse taking a new name, have it be Doodoo or Klepnermierhelgenermanson?
  • Be able to walk on water for the rest of your life or fly for 3 hours on three different occasions in your life?
  • For the same amount of money, have a job you love and have to work 60 hours a week or have a job you absolutely hate but only have to work 25 hours a week?
  • Always be itchy or always feel like you have to pee?
  • Inherit $100,000 or inherit the key to and the contents of one random safety deposit box at a Swiss bank?

1 comment:

Mrs. B said...

These are good questions! I already feel more grateful for normalcy lol! Birkenstocks, scratching, Klepner, fly, TOUGH 1, itchy, th 100k!
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